Water Solutions is one of Australia’s leading water engineering consultants – mining and resource companies throughout Australia procure expert advice in the areas of water engineering, supply security, environmental regulatory compliance, and best practice.

As a water engineering consultant, Water Solutions helps mining companies meet their responsibilities surrounding water management protocols by ensuring they meet with the applicable environmental standards while not compromising supply security.

Some of the benefits of working with a water resource consultant include:

  • Identify and quantify areas for improvement
  • Reduce water usage
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Minimise waste
  • Strengthen cost savings
  • Risk mitigation
  • Improved water management strategies
  • Mine development and closure planning

Efficient and sustainable water use is vital for success in mining operations, including the surrounding environment and communities. Water Solutions bring numerous benefits to the mining sector by helping mining companies achieve their goals while minimising environmental impact.

Mine Water Management

Mine water management is an essential aspect of mining operations that involves water sourcing, reuse and recycling, treatment and discharge. These areas require specialised knowledge and expertise that Water Solutions provides to help mining companies comply with appropriate environmental regulations, improve their water efficiency, and mitigate risks involved with water management, all whilst minimising environmental impact.

Mine Water Balance Modelling

Water Solutions offers a deep understanding of the technical, regulatory, and environmental aspects involved with mine water management and its quantification through simulation modelling. We assist mining and resource companies in developing comprehensive water management plans for mine development, rehabilitation and closure.

Our mine water balance simulation models can also assist with developing contingency plans for potential risks whilst ensuring compliance with any environmental regulations.

Water Quality Modelling and Management

Our water balance software includes geochemistry that simulates the transport, mixing and treatment of pollutants in mining water systems and receiving waterway. Our models help identify potential sources of pollution as well as helping to predict the effects of different management strategies.

Hydrological Risk Assessment

Our hydrological risk assessment services are a necessary process to evaluate the potential impact of water-related hazards associated with water supply, drought, floods and climate change. We conduct hazard identification, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment and risk management processes to assist with disaster management, water resource management and environmental protection.

Using our hydrological risk assessment services helps mining companies to develop early warning systems, emergency response plans and water conservation strategies, along with planning in connection with the protection and rehabilitation of ecosystems.

Tailings Dam Management

Water Solutions provides mine tailings dam management services that help to ensure efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly water management practices for the water industry. We look at how to reduce water losses along with improving water quality and minimising energy consumption. We focus on effectively managing toxic waste materials and give practical advice on the sizing and management of tailings storage facilities.

Hydraulics, River Engineering, and Diversion Design

River engineering, hydraulics and diversion design involve the application of principles from physics, engineering, and environmental science to design and optimise your water infrastructure, such as dams, spillways, levees, canals and diversions. Benefits of our consultancy services include pipeline water hammer analysis, improved flood control and erosion prevention, enhanced water quality and conservation, cost reduction and increased profitability.

Water Security

Ensuring the security and safeguarding of water is a critical element of sustainable mining practices. Water Solutions specialises in providing comprehensive water security consultancy services tailored specifically for the mining industry. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the mining industry's unique water challenges help to offer strategic solutions that streamline water usage and mitigate risk, all whilst promoting responsible water management.

Water Contamination

We understand the importance of the regulatory and environmental implications surrounding water contamination in the mining industry. We recognise water contamination issues require a multidisciplinary approach that balances environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic viability.

Additional Consultancy Services include:
  • GIS and Data Management
  • Detailed Design and Tender Documentation
  • Dam Design, Safety and Surveillance Inspections
  • Flood Study and Flood Mitigation
  • Hydraulic Structures Design and Water Resources Management
  • Physical Modelling of Hydraulic Structures
  • Technology Transfer and Training of Mining Personnel
  • Research and Development of Emerging Technologies
  • Mine Closure Planning
  • Mine Dewatering

Water Solutions expands their client's expertise throughout the complete mining life cycle, from feasibility through to operations and closure. Their successful track record is a result of in-depth knowledge of the mining industry and its drivers. To contact Water Solutions today, please go to our contact us page.

Our focus is to achieve successful project outcomes, with our clients’ best interests as a priority.


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Water Solutions Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based engineering consultancy providing world-class solutions in all aspects of water engineering and water resources management.