By collaborating with Water Solutions, local, state, and federal government agencies have access to independent water expert services for expert review, litigation and dispute resolution surrounding water and flood-related issues, along with expert engineering services for a range of hydraulic works.

Engaging with Water Solutions offers governments numerous benefits in various areas. Our services strengthen your departments' knowledge bases by offering specialised knowledge and expertise to assess the complexities of water-related disputes as well as providing valuable insights to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

In cases of flooding and flood mismanagement, we can conduct expert reviews to analyse the causes, evaluate mitigation strategies and recommend appropriate measures to prevent future incidents.

Where expert engineering advice is required, Water Solutions possesses a deep understanding of water dynamics and hydraulic principles, allowing us to design and optimise structures that effectively control and manage water flow within your region.

Our expertise ensures that spillways, dams, and weirs can handle varying water levels whilst reducing the risk of flooding and protecting communities.

Unlock the benefits of working with water engineering experts

Water Solutions provides expert guidance and advice for governments all across Australia on a range of water-related projects. Our knowledge and experience will help you navigate complex regulations, optimise designs, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. We can employ advanced modelling and simulation techniques to evaluate the performance of hydraulic systems along with the evaluation of the functionality and performance of structures, ensuring smooth water flow and minimal environmental impact.

We can assist with the design of:-

  • Spillways
  • Dams
  • Weirs
  • Waterway crossings
  • Drainage
  • Large pipelines
  • River diversions
  • Hydropower
Expert Review Services: Harnessing the Power of Water Solutions for Flood Assessment and Mitigation

Flooding poses significant challenges to communities, infrastructure, and the environment in many areas of Australia, both rural and urban. Water Solutions can assist government agencies in assessing flood risks, identifying mismanagement issues and implementing effective flood mitigation measures. Below are some of the services we offer in this area.

Comprehensive Flood Assessment

Through a thorough evaluation of hydrological data, floodplain mapping, and historical flood records, Water Solutions can provide comprehensive insight into flood risks in a specific area. We identify critical factors such as topography, river dynamics, and infrastructure vulnerabilities that could contribute to flood occurrences, helping government departments pinpoint areas of concern and assess the effectiveness of existing flood management practices.

Identification of Mismanagement Issues

In rare cases, flooding-related issues can be attributed to mismanagement or inadequate maintenance of water systems. If this is the case, Water Solutions can play a crucial role in identifying mismanagement issues and offering solutions. Our detailed reviews of flood control structures, drainage systems and land development practices help identify potential areas of improvement, enhancing the resilience of water management plans and systems.

Development of Effective Flood Mitigation Strategies

Water Solutions can tailor flood mitigation plans to address specific challenges within your region. Using the latest resources and technology in hydrological modelling, stormwater management and flood control measures, we can develop a range of strategies to mitigate flood risks effectively. This can include the implementation of sustainable drainage systems, floodplain zoning, floodwater diversion and engineered structures such as levees or retention ponds.

Independent Expert Services: Leveraging Water Solutions for Unbiased Insights

When it comes to water management, having access to independent experts is crucial for ensuring impartiality, accuracy, and informed decision-making across all sections of Government. Water Solutions can play a vital role as independent experts, helping provide objective insights and analysis to guide policy development, regulatory compliance and project implementation.

Unbiased Technical Analysis and Evaluation

Water Solutions brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table, helping provide unbiased analysis and evaluation of water-related projects or issues. We can objectively assess the technical feasibility, environmental impact and compliance of your various initiatives. Our services span evaluating the efficiency of water treatment processes, reviewing engineering designs, and assessing the effectiveness of water resource management plans backed by robust technical analysis.

Third-Party Reviews and Audits

Water Solutions provides expertise in reviewing environmental impact assessments, auditing water infrastructure projects and assessing compliance with industry standards for local, state and federal government departments. We offer impartial evaluations and recommendations and bring an objective perspective to help identify potential weaknesses, highlight areas for improvement and ensure that projects align with industry best practices.

By leveraging Water Solutions’ expertise, stakeholders and government can confidently address water-related challenges whilst promoting sustainable practices and working towards the responsible and equitable management of water resources.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution - Resolving Water-related Disputes with the Help of Water Solutions

Water-related disputes can be a complex and challenging area to navigate without expert advice. When Governments are faced with litigation and disputes involving flooding or other water-related issues, seeking the expertise of water engineering consultants can be instrumental in finding effective solutions for all parties. Below are some of the services we offer in this area.

Expert Analysis and Evaluation

Water Solutions brings extensive experience and technical expertise to the table when evaluating and analysing water-related disputes. We have a deep understanding of hydrological processes, flood dynamics and water management practices and can provide comprehensive assessments of the causes and impacts of flooding incidents or provide expert advice for the design of waterway crossings, creating safe and efficient routes for transportation infrastructure.

Our detailed analyses will help uncover critical factors such as hydraulic modelling, stormwater management, and floodplain mapping, which can be crucial in identifying responsible parties and assessing liability.

Mitigation Strategies and Best Practices

One of the key advantages of working with Water Solutions is our ability to propose effective mitigation strategies and best practices. We can assist in the development of flood management plans, sustainable drainage systems and designing appropriate flood control measures.

We offer practical and cost-effective solutions to minimise the risk of future flooding incidents, erosion and waterlogging that align with legal requirements and protect natural resources.

Expert Testimony and Legal Support

Water Solutions provides invaluable support during legal proceedings by offering expert testimony for complex technical concepts. We present evidence in a clear and concise manner in courtrooms, mediation sessions and arbitration proceedings.

Mediation and Negotiation Facilitation

In many instances, litigation can be a time-consuming and costly process. Water Solutions plays a pivotal role in expediting mediation and negotiation between parties involved in water-related disputes.

Acting as neutral experts, we help bridge the gaps in understanding and facilitate constructive dialogue to come to mutually beneficial resolutions. Our ability to present technical and complex water-related information in a neutral fashion helps to foster consensus and can encourage collaborative problem-solving between parties.


Our focus is to achieve successful project outcomes, with our clients’ best interests as a priority.


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